Facility | Quartz Drive Self Storage

Our facility is designed to meet the storage needs of businesses and individuals.

  • Access 7 days/week, 6am-9pm
  • Free use of 14-ft. cargo truck during move-in
  • Boat dolly for indoor boat storage
  • Pallet jack available
  • Forklift available for moving pallets (with proof of certification)
  • 18-wheeler accessible
  • We sell packing and storage accessories

  • Facility - Quartz Drive Self Storage

    High-end clientele determines need for extra security measures.

  • Resident manager 24-hr video surveillance
  • State-of-the-art key-pad gate entry
  • Key-pad door entry to Climate Control units
  • Units individually alarmed
  • Secure online payment system

  • Facility - Quartz Drive Self Storage

    Facility recognized for eco-friendly construction and operation.

  • Photovoltaic solar panels with peak efficiency monitoring generate facility electricity
  • Panel technology rated at 225 watts (using fewer panels to generate more power)
  • Higher than required R-value insulation
  • Energy-efficient HVAC system
  • HVAC units use Puron, a non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • High-efficiency electrical heat pumps
  • Compact fluorescent lighting
  • Timer-controls on lights
  • Water-efficient plumbing fixtures
  • Drought-tolerant and indigenous landscaping
  • Underground drip irrigation watering system
  • Heavily-mulched plantings to prevent water evaporation
  • Underground water retention basins collect storm water for irrigation system
  • Large amount of recycled products in building materials (steel and masonry)
  • Paints and stains contained low volatile organic compounds
  • Recycling center located next to office area
  • Online Bill Pay reduces paper use


    Facility | Quartz Drive Self Storage


    All units have wide roll-up doors, tall openings, and no sill plate to trip over. While the facility has a 3% slope, the doors were specially designed by the manufacturer to close completely. All storage units are accessible via wheelchair and the unit numbers are written in large, easy-to-see numbers.


    Climate control units are best for safe storage of items damaged by extreme temperature fluctuations. The indoor temperature is maintained throughout the year. Hallways are wide and clear of trip-hazards and obstacles.


    Drive-up units have access via extra-wide, obstacle-free access lanes which allow parking adjacent to the unit for loading and unloading. Wide driveways provide easier maneuvering and parking of large trucks and trailers, including big-rigs. Outside lighting makes driveways and doorways more visible in the evening hours.


    Boat and RV storage options include indoor or outdoor storage. A boat dolly is provided for moving boat into place for indoor storage. Call for boat space reservation information. Outdoor 20-ft. parking spaces are in a well-lit, easy-to-maneuver parking area with wide access lanes.


    Our temperature-controlled wine storage is a subterranean facility built into the natural hillside on site. The underground portion of the building provides a perfect cooling system year around for bulk storage, individual collections, and in-cask aging. The facility is the only in-bond storage facility in the foothill area east of Sacramento.

    Facility - Quartz Drive Self Storage

    We offer a wide range of packing and storage materials during office hours.

  • Moving boxes in the most-desired sizes
  • Document-storage and legal boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes Packing tape and dispensers
  • Marking pens and labels
  • Locks Padded wrapping materials and bags
  • Packing noodles
  • Quilted pads
  • Protection kits
  • Stretch-wrap

    Facility | Quartz Drive Self Storage


    Facility | Quartz Drive Self Storage


    Quartz Drive Self Storage opened in October 2009 and is owned and operated by JB Development located in Fresno, CA. Our facility was designed to provide climate control storage solutions but in an eco-friendly way.

    The buildings and outdoor lighting are powered by a large solar panel system that produces its own electricity but our business operations are designed to use as little energy as possible. The buildings are insulated with high R-value insulation and use energy-efficient HVAC systems, timer-controlled lights, and compact fluorescent lighting.

    The naturally occurring slope of the land permitted design of a two-story climate control building with extra-efficient insulation for the wine storage units built into the slope.

    The underground drip irrigation system that waters the indigenous plants in the drought resistant landscaping saves water. These efforts earned honorable mention for Outstanding Green Facility in 2010 by Mini-Storage Messenger.

    Brad Koach, manager member of JB Development, LLC, is an Investment Banker by education and experience and has been involved with Real Estate syndication, development, and management since 1983. He is currently the President and Managing Director of Concept Development Properties, Inc. which owns and operates approximately 1000 apartments units and commercial real estate located in the Central and Northern California. The company and its Principal continue to develop real property ventures for equity appreciation and ongoing cash flow.

    Facility - Quartz Drive Self Storage

    Wanda Carter has managed Quartz Drive Self Storage since opening day. As a resident of Auburn, she takes great pride in running this storage facility like a good neighbor and loves being in a close-knit community that supports a family atmosphere. She represents Quartz Drive Self Storage at community activities and Chamber of Commerce events. She is particularly active in animal rescue.

    We participate in local events and organizations in appreciation for the strong sense of community in Auburn and in gratitude for the support we have received from our customers and local businesses.


  • Voted "Best of the Best" 8 years in a row by readers of The Auburn Journal Quartz Drive
  • Active member of Auburn Chamber of Commerce since opening in 2009
  • Free on-site Annual Yard Sale for renters
  • Auburn Fair
  • Fourth of July Parade
  • Wednesday Night Live
  • Black and White Affaire
  • Beale AFB Angel Tree
  • Holiday season Toys for Tots collection site
  • Spring and Fall Home Shows
  • Golf Tournaments

  • Testimonials

    You guys were absolutely fantastic, thanks again!
    Linda C.


    To Whom It May Concern, I have rented a unit for some time with Quartz Drive and after what I saw today I felt it was time to speak up. Today I saw a customer try to pay their unit with a personal check. Their unit was/is up for auction and Tracy was more than polite when explaining why she couldn't take their check, this customer told Tracy to F***k off several different ways. Well, me being a customer was shocked and was more than impressed with how Tracy handled the situation. I write this not because of just this incident, but because I've seen wonderful Wanda and Tracy go above and beyond what I would expect from an employee myself. Wanda is priceless. She handles her customers as though they were family and her heart is all gold. I spend lots of time in the office because your new system takes longer and seems not to agree with Wanda, then again the time I have spent waiting I have grown very fond of Wanda and Tracy and I do enjoy their company. As a retired business owner and customer I felt that you should know that Tracy has been a wonderful addition, Wanda is a manager that business owners only dream of, and the two of them should be recognized by someone who has seen first hand just how amazing they are. I hope you do something wonderful for these two amazing ladies for they are truly the definition of small business customer service. If they were both to leave I would have to say I would probably go elsewhere. They truly are the best!!

    Sincerely, Michael C.


    Associate and I have rented and leased commercial and residential storage units for forty years. And actually while working myself through College was employed by the number one most well known National Corporation that had rental trucks and self storage. Although Corporations as that one were and are outstanding. After forty years, with rentals on the west and east coasts, we thought we had seen it all. Then we located one that even out shines the five star Corporate leader. This self storage company is managed by Wanda the Property Manager and their DBA is Quartz Drive Self Storage, Auburn CA. Her customer service is excellent and Her philosophy after I had commented on several occasions.on how outstanding She is, She stated " I treat People the way I want to be treated." That statement is a fact and is the highest rating a person can receive. So, for the most well maintained, fairest price, and "As good as it gets" Property Manager. We recommend Quartz Drive Self Storage, Auburn CA.